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We specialize in manufacturing of braided cords, strings and ropes of diameters ranging from 0.8 mm to 10 mm, made of natural and synthetic fibres.

LINTEX Producent plecionych sznurków i linek
do żaluzji i roletek
LINTEX Sznurek do żaluzji i roletek

Cords for venetians and rollers

Pull Cord for Venetians & Rollers



Ø 1,2 mm without core, matte

Ø 1,35 mm with core,

matte or shiny, non-stretchable

Ø 1,42 mm z rdzeniem,

matte or shiny, non-stretchable


Different colors and parameters are available on request.

do rolety zewnętrzej

Cords for manual rolling shutters


UV resistant, non-stretchable


Ø 4,5 mm with braided core





Ø 4 mm and Ø 4,6 mm spiral weave cord


Different colours, diameters and types of braiding available on request.

LINTEX Sznurek do rolety zewnętrznej

Cords for manual rolling shutters

LINTEX Sznurek do wertikali i moskitier

Cords for Verticals & Mosquito Nets

Cords for Verticals & Mosquito Nets


UV resistant, non-stretchable, cord with braided core

Ø 1,8 mm (V33)

Ø 2,3 mm



Different colours, diameters and types of braiding available on request.

Vertical blinds chain:  

  • control chain

  • bottom chain with clips for 89mm (3.5") slats and 127mm (5") slats


Roller blinds chain:

  • bead diameter Ø 3.1 mm

  • bead diameter Ø 4.5 mm

do wertikali i moskitier

Cords for Clothing & Footwear

cotton, bistor, polyamide, polyester, viscose, polypropylene, acrylic 

Cords of diameter ranging from 2 mm to 10 mm, with or without core,  designed on request.

These cords are widely used in the clothing industry for jackets, tracksuits and accessories.

Piping / Trimming Tape

cotton, bistor, polyester, viscose, polyamide, polypropylene

Width Range  4mm - 10mm

Colours and design on request.

LINTEX Sznurek do odzieży

Cords for Clothing Industry

do odzieży
LINTEX Sznurki i linki do żeglarstwa i do sprzętu sportowego

Cords for Sailing & Sports Gear

Cords & Ropes for Sailing and Sports Gear


polypropylene, polyamide, cotton, polyester  


Spiral and classic weave cords in the diameter range of  1.5 mm - 10 mm with or without a core, with high mechanical strength and low water absorption (except for cotton ropes). The design and colour choice depend on customers requirements.


These cords are suitable for sheets and halyards of sails, for hemming sails, as tent guy lines, skipping ropes and backpacks elements.

do żeglarstwa i sportu
plecione bawełniane

Braided Cotton Cords


Cords in the diameter range Ø 1,5 mm - Ø 8 mm

with or without core




Cotton cords are made of certified yarn, safe in contact with the skin.


They can be used in clothing industry as garment accessories, for crafts (macrame, crochet) and upholstery

LINTEX Sznurki bawełniane plecione

Braided Cotton Cords

LINTEX Linka uniwersalna

Utility Ropes and Cords

Cords for general purposes

polypropylene, polyamide


Cords in diameter range Ø 0.8 mm - Ø 10mm

Polypropylene Utility Rope is durable, resistant to tearing and abrasion, and does not absorb water. It is used in households, as well as in industry, gardening, sailing and for sports and tourist equipment.

Strings and Ropes made of polyamide are characterized by high mechanical strength and durability. For this reason, they are commonly used to attach objects.


Technical Cords


polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, cotton, kevlar


Cords with a diameter range of 1 mm - 10 mm, with enhanced mechanical properties, characterized by high breaking strength, low elongation and low water absorption. In case of cotton products, high liquid absorption may be a desirable property. Classic or spiral weave, available in variety of colors. 

Due to the negligible extensibility, they are used as machine elements, reinforcements for conveyor belts, routing cords, wickes, seals and insulators.

We offer covering electrical wires with fabric. Cloth sheathed cords are used in electric irons and some other kinds of appliances.

LINTEX Producent sznurków do technicznych zastosowań

Technical Cords

LINTEX Linka startera do silnika spalinowego

Small Engine Strarter Rope

Small Engine Starter Rope


Strong, durable braided rope with a core, abrasion-resistant, intended for use in devices with combustion engines such as garden mowers, chainsaws and others.

Ø 3 mm

Ø 3.5 mm

Ø 4 mm



linka startera do silnika

Bespoke Cord & Rope

Custom types of strings and cords designed specially for the customer's needs.

LINTEX Sznurki na zamówienie

Bespoke Cord

na zamówienie
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