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LINTEX Producent plecionych sznurków i linek

Manufacturer of braided cords, ropes
& strings

Premium quality braided cords of synthetic fibres and natural yarns.

What do we do for you?

LINTEX, est. 1988, is a Polish manufacturer of quality braided cords and strings for window shading systems, clothing industry and a wide range of technical, industrial and general purposes.

Professional Support

Our experienced technologists will provide valuable advise on product properties and parameters to ensure that our clients get the right product to their specific need.

LINTEX Sznurki do osłon okiennych

A Wide Range of Colors

Depending on the the type of yarn used, we offer wide selection of colors from the standard color palette or we  dye yarn on request. We only work with certified yarn suppliers.

Latest Production Technologies

We are constantly increasing production efficiency to offer the highest quality at competitive prices. Our machinery park consists of the latest generation machines from leading European manufacturers.

Ilustracja bawełna

Shipping to EU + UK

We are a reliable manufacturer of strings and cords for the largest in Poland producers and exporters of window blinds and shading systems. We have shipped our products to France, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania.

Reliability and Timeliness

Our Company's policy is to ensure timeliness of performance of orders, diligence and direct dialogue. Our clients can rely on us.

LINTEX Sznurki plecione bawełniane

Our Story




We started with a braiding machine extensive knowledge of textile engineering & passion for developing our brand.




We started building our machinery park based on machines from renowned european machinery manufacturers - first Muller, then Herzog.


We systematically increase our production capacity and expand the product range.

Machine Park

Our machinery park consists of machines from the leading manufacturers on the European market

Our Team

Our priority in terms of maintaining the highest quality of products is our qualified staff


Continuous development allows us to meet new challenges and our Customers' growing expectations

LINTEX Producent sznurków i linek


We specialize in manufacture of high quality braided cords, strings and ropes of diameter range 0,8 mm - 10 mm

LINTEX Sznurek do rolet zewnętrznych

Cords for blinds & shutters

We specialize in manufacture of cords for window shading systems including roll down shutters, roller blinds, venetians and verticals. The type, color and weave on customer's individual requirements.

LINTEX Sznurki plecione bawełniane

Decorative & craft cords

Our cords and ropes can be used in artistic crafts, are suitable as elements of stationery, handles for gift bags, furniture hems. We offer a variety of designs, colors and materials.

LINTEX Sznurki odzieżowe

Cords for clothing industry

Our cords made of certified yarns are suitable for clothing and footwear as basic garment accessories, trims and shoelaces. We are committed to meeting our customers most demanding requirements.

LINTEX Sznurki techniczne i do ogólnych zastosowań

Technical & custom types

We manufacture cords for various technical, industrial and general purposes. Utility ropes & cords can be used around household, for farming and gardening, in construction industry, for sailing & sports gear.

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